Pontiac Trans AM 2015

pontiac trans am 20152013 hurst trans am for sale is identical to spot coupe cars targeting top market segmentation. One of the main generations of this company is Pontiac Trans Am released in 2015. Pontiac is very popular in the era of the 70s, and trans am maintaining its popularity in the present. In the American market, the name Pontiac can be paired with Porsche or the like. Pontiac gained popularity because of its good quality in terms of kitchen runway and the exterior is quite charming.

Kitchen runway

pontiac trans am 2015

V6 engine with a capacity of 3.7 liters pinned in 2013 hurst trans AM for sale. The capacity of the runway kitchen is capable of spewing up to 300 HP. Without Turbocharger or Supercharger, there is also a choice of a 5.0-liter V8 engine capable of producing 420 Hp. Engine with a V configuration is more dominant and popular compared to the inline, especially the 6 cylinders upwards. This is because the engine structure is more practical and does not take up much space. In addition, the stability of the engine with the V configuration is better than the inline configuration, especially on the 6 cylinders upwards.


pontiac trans am 2015

Pontiac provides manual and automatic type transmissions. So that consumers are given the choice according to the driving style. Rear-wheel drive is maintained by the Pontiac including the Trans Am 2015 series both V6 and V8 engines. It has a 6-speed transmission with gearshift being classified as soft for the size of a sports car.

Exterior design

pontiac trans am 2015

Some changes made in 2013 hurst trans am for sale than the previous generation. The most prominent is the front and rear bumpers are made with curved round design but still elegant and sporty there is also a version that gives the impression of taper on the front of the bumper but still rounded accents are maintained. This will further pamper the eyes of anyone who looks. The additional grille at the front can add the airflow efficiency required for the cooling and cooling systems so that it can indirectly improve the Pontiac Trans Am 2015 performance. The front apron also greatly supports improving the vehicle downforce that makes Pontiac Trans Am very stable. Firebird logo remains on hold on the front of the hood because it is already characteristic of Pontiac cars. Also, there is a bulge above the front hood which in addition serves as an additional aid for airflow also adds to the impression of gear.

Interior design

In general, the interior of the Pontiac Trans Am 2015 is very comfortable and able to provide a relaxing effect even at a fairly high speed. The chairs are made of original leather lining both front and rear so it is very comfortable when used. The wheel design is very impressive classic value with three spoke. Although including a coupe type sedan but still provide a sitting space behind the front seat. so it can be climbed more than 2 adults. Features in the dashboard are complete and also sophisticated. The dashboard arrangement and the buttons make it easy to reach.


USD 23,000 is the price to be released for Pontiac Trans Am 2015. This price is very reasonable because it is very similar to the quality pinned on the Pontiac Trans Am version 2015.


With a choice of machines that are both gears. Consumers will get a sports car that has the ability capable. Acceleration and optimum speed are very spoiled the adrenaline lovers. The configuration of V6 and V8 engine gives its own advantages because the configuration of such a machine offers engine stability or lack of vibration that makes acceleration can be achieved as quickly as possible with comfort. Futuristic design while retaining the bulge on the hood which is a classic accent on the Pontiac Trans Am 2015 becomes its own added value, especially for the classic sports car lovers.