Corvette ZR1

corvette zr1 2017 pricecorvette zr1 2017 price is Generation supercar from Chevrolet this one has a great performance. Corvette ZR1 is a mainstay of Chevrolet to beat competitors like Ford GT. Corvette ZR1 is predicted to have superior quality supercar with V8 engine configuration with 6.2-liter capacity.


Using a supercharged 6.2 L V8front engine configuration that can spew 755 hp at 6,400 rpm and 715 pound-feet of torque at 3,600 rpm speed. Chevrolet guarantees this type of engine is more efficient than previous types of machines. With the power of the engine that would produce high heat, for that corvette zr1 2017 price equipped with additional radiators that keep the engine temperature stays cool when the car is driven aggressively. Top speed that can be reached at 212 Mph. The composition of aluminum engine blocks and heads and direct fuel injection.

corvette zr1 2017 price

Transmission and drive

Available in two types of acceleration, ie 7-speed manual or 8-speed paddle shift transmission gives you the satisfaction to spur your adrenaline on the street. The 755 Hp power generated by the V8 engine is distributed directly to the rear wheel or rear wheel drive. Some sports car like Ferrari, Bugatti, has shifted the position of the machine somewhat to the middle because it is proven to increase efficiency in distributing engine power to the wheels. But the Corvette ZR1 still maintains the position of the engine in front and claims can still be as efficient as the engine with the position in the middle.

corvette zr1 2017 price


It has a 106.7-in-wheelbase. Lenght 179,8 in, width 77,4 in, height 48,5 in.

Suspension and brakes

It has a special suspension tuning that makes the suspension system more adaptive, this is related to the level of comfort while riding this sportscar. equipped with a brake pad of carbon ceramic material that is very heat resistant and anti-slip.

corvette zr1 2017 price

Exterior design

It has a large wing spoiler and is made of light but strong carbon fiber. Using the Michelin tire pilot sports cup 2. The wheels are used to speak the star so beautify the overall appearance of this car. the curves of the body are very sharp and aerodynamic that can split the wind to the maximum. Giant wings that are behind the car give a big hand providing downforce up to 900 pounds. Thus making the corvette zr1 2017 price has stability levels in amazing high speed. The front grille provides three large spaces or holes as the cold air flow entrances are used as water cooling in the radiator.

Interior design

Equipped with a charming race chair. The safety beams that reinforce the impression of a fast sports car but a high level of security. With a true coupe model, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 has ample space for the steering wheel, this will provide comfort in driving it even at high speed. Modern functional features on the front dashboard arranged very neatly and elegant, allowing the driver to access it. The choice of colors that exist in the interior is very attractive to anyone who looks. Blend of soft colors but still seem elegant.


corvette zr1 2017 price will be at USD 122.990. This price is lower when compared to its closest competitor Ford GT whose price reaches USD 450,000


In a clear speed Corvette, zr1 2017 price has surpassed its closest competitor Ford GT and also Dodge. In the test engine, a 755 Hp power spew breaks the exhaust pipe with a flex plate. The price offered is also cheaper than the Ford GT with a quality that precisely outperformed the Ford GT. The Corvette ZR1 is also nicer when doing laps on the run, with speeds maintained at 130 Mph.

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