GTO The Judge

pontiac gto judgePontiac GTO judge is one of the factory-made cars operating in America. This car is a car that lived in the generation 1964 to 1974 ago. Previously there was a first generation GTO car produced in 60’an and 70’an. However, Pontiac GTO is considered a more modern car and more ready to compete than its predecessor car.

You need to know that Pontiac GTO judge is the car that was chosen as the Motor Trend Motor of the Year in 1968. This is not without reason. Therefore, this car is becoming very popular in his era. Some of the advantages and specifications that make this car has many fans to win the award event.

pontiac gto judge

After a long time not produced and his name began to fade, to re-enliven the automotive world. Its presence in 2004 to return to the conversation many parties.

Pontiac GTO is a car that goes into the muscle car class. Not without the basics, because if you look directly at this car, the body really shows the muscles that extraordinary. Her curves are clearly visible because of the use of lightweight materials.

Over time, the Pontiac GTO judge has undergone many changes. This is due to market demand that wants a more sophisticated and modern change of the classic car.

pontiac gto judge

However, for true Pontiac fans, there is still a Pontiac car that has not changed at all since this is the first car produced. And if you want a more viscous and historic classic look, you can own this car but in a former condition. The price offered for a used car Pontiac GTO judge is around $ 72,500. maybe you can also find a cheaper price or more expensive than that. Depending on how conditions and specifications of the car are. you can negotiate with the owner of the car. This car is sold at a car buying and selling the site.

To spoil his fans, this car provides several color variants that can be selected. Certainly, the color on the car will not have much effect on the performance of a superb car. But maybe for some people, color selection is very important. It aims to make them feel more comfortable and love their private cars.


This car uses a V8 ohv engine that can generate power up to 370 horsepower (hp). And using the transmission manual ¾ speed, turbo hydra-matic 3 speed. The front suspension uses coil springs, while the top and bottom A-arms. Then on the rear suspense using coil spring.

The weight of this car is only about 3,505-3,590 lbs. And capable of producing a top speed of up to 130 mph. wheel distance 112 inches. With fuel system 1 x 4 bbl.


pontiac gto judge

One of the most popular colors is the bright orange color. With its shiny paint makes this car look cool when viewed from a distance. At first glance, you will see a classic car appearance here. But you can not underestimate the powerful machine. Although the look of this car is a classic car, the performance is promised like a modern car with sophisticated technology.

On the front of this car, there are two lights on the right side and fruit lights on the left side. Allows being able to provide brighter lighting during the night. Then, the tires are produced with the width and the right thickness. It is suitable for use in a variety of steep terrain though.

Two rearview mirrors on the right and left have a minimalist and small frame. In accordance with the overall car design that displays the muscles on the body.

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