1980s Cars

1980s carsMost reliable cars under 5000 facts do exist. Having $ 5,000 to buy a car is very difficult today. But in the old days, $ 5,000 money you can have a car in 1980. One of them is the Chevy Camaro Z28.

This car is very famous in 1980. And included in the most reliable cars 5000. Chevy Camaro has a body type that is designed 2 doors. Then use RWD (Rear wheel drive) with 3-speed automatic gearbox.

This is one of the sports cars that many dreams of sports car lovers today. Because in addition to the various advantages possessed, the price offered when it is very tempting. However, this car may be sold at a fairly expensive price. More expensive than the new price in 1980. Moreover, this is a classic car. Of course, has added value in the eyes of people who love to collect antiques.

Fuel Consumption

1980s cars

Fuel consumption is spent by the car is about 18.1 liters for mileage along the 100 km. this means for 1 liter of fuel can cure distance about 5,5 km. including spending a considerable amount of fuel. However, this can be learned because this is a classic car that must have a lot of updates to do.

Dimensions and Weights

1980s cars

This classic car has a dimension of about 5 meters long by 1.8 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. With these dimensions, this car only weighs about 1625 kg only. Quite light when compared with the cars of today that have a large dimension and use the basic material is thick enough.

Speed and engine

1980s cars

Using the V6 engine, Chevy Camaro capable of producing speeds up to 165 horsepower. It is suitable for riders who want to enjoy the atmosphere during the trip compared to test adrenaline with high speed. Nevertheless, this car remains a prima donna as a cool sports car in his era.

Exterior Design

Like classic cars in general, most reliable cars under 5000 has a muscular outer frame. It was very visible once from the curve of the body that looks very clear. Then, the use of thin materials also further reinforce that this car is a sporty and elegant yet simple car.

The front of this car looks very long. Not only that, the back too. Allow having extensive baggage. So it is suitable to carry several items in large quantities. Then, this car also looks low. Unlike the cars today that have a good height so safe when used during floods.

This classic sports car has a glass front with a slope that fits. While the rear glass is made very wide. And this is an advancement created by this Chevy Camaro Z28 car manufacturer.

The rounded front lights are more like the owl with a little hollow around the lamp. The design of the front is also a bit pointed to add aerodynamic function. So it can help this car to go quickly by way of breaking the air. This is one of the characteristics of a sports car that always put forward aerodynamic functions on the design of the front.

The use of thick tires and also large enables this classic car drove in a steep terrain. In addition, the roof can be opened or closed in accordance with the wishes of the rider. This car is really a dream sports car at the time. And maybe until now, there are still many who become crazy because of this car.

Interior design

Interior design in most reliable cars under 5000 is made with the simple use of lightweight and minimalist materials. The back seat of the car can be folded so that it can increase the width of the inside of the car. With a design like this, it is suitable for people who love the things that are simple but have a decent quality performance.

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