Mercedes E350 coupe

mercedes e350 coupeMercedes Benz coupe is a luxury and stylish car. By not modeling a supercar in general with a full body design with sharp curves, E350 Coupe still maintains the design of the sedan but with a two-door format or coupe. This type is the first time Mercedes launched a generation of coupe cars. Actually, E350 Coupe is a blend of the private luxury sedan with coupe car. But the design without pillars is the main characteristic of a car that can be called a coupe. The closest competitor e350 coupe one of them is Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Monte Carlos.

Kitchen runway

mercedes e350 coupe

For the affairs of power production space, Mercedes Benz coupe equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engine configuration capacity capable of spewing about 268 hp at 6,000 rpm round. And produce maximum torque of 258 lb-ft at 2500-5000 rpm. With the provision of the engine as above, the consumer owner of the Mercedes E350 Coupe will not be difficult to achieve high speed in a relatively fast.

Transmission and drive

Using 7-speed transmission with easy operational.


For convenience in passing the bumpy streets, Mercedes Benz coupe using MacPherson Sturt suspension with three paths ahead and multi-link arrangement five dots on the back.

mercedes benz coupe


The balance in driving is very stable. E-Coupe is easy to maneuver around the corner. One reason is the front and rear wheel layout is very precise, resulting in comfort when maneuvering.

Exterior design

In fact, the e350 coupe is shorter around 7 in than the typical sedan type, and 4 in more narrow, and 3.5 in lower than the E-Class sedan. Body lines on the E-Class series such as the E350 are very simple but still memorable luxury and elegance like a Mercedes car in general. But it has a rear back dashboard that is thick enough to reduce the slim impression that should be on the car coupe type.

Interior design

mercedes benz coupe

As is typical Mercedes, E350 Coupe is also designed luxury in the interior space. Leather wrap is almost in the entire cabin inside. The seats have controls to set the expands and deflates in order to adjust to the driver’s or passenger’s posture. The measuring buttons on the dashboard are very attractive with the impression that they are floating. The front seats can be set to lie backward but it takes too long to last about 8 seconds and give off a rather disturbing sound.


Equipped with front and side airbags and multiple buffer blocks to minimize the impact of damage caused by unwanted collisions.


Selling price for coupe type is usually more expensive when compared with an ordinary sedan with 4 doors. But Mercedes e350 coupe priced cheaper about USD 550 compared to 4 door sedan. Namely, USD 48,050 for an e350 coupe, while the 4-door sedan priced USD 48,600. Why it can be cheaper than the sedan, this is because e350 coupe actually replaces the CLK type in the Mercedes ranks. And CLK is built with the C-Class chassis instead of the new generation E-Class.


Although labeled as E350 actually this car is based on the old chassis that is C-Class but not delivered in general by Mercedes. This is the reason why the price of Mercedes Benz coupe cheaper than the E-Class sedan in general.


Superior compared to the Audi A5 from the driving aspect. If you use Audi A5 for long trips, it will feel very tired. In contrast to using the Mercedes E350 Coupe, with the support of a comfortable suspension and also the position of the front and rear wheels are right to make the long trip does not feel tiring.

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