Hyundai Accent 2017

hyundai accentOne type of sedan car that has a specification and good quality is Hyundai accent hatchback. This car is the production of a famous factory in Korea that is Hyundai. Hyundai own brand has long been ranked highest with the number of users that many in Indonesia. Because Hyundai has existed in Indonesia since 1996 pioneered by a company called PT Citra Mobil Nasional. Over time, this sedan car more and more demand. And to this day, the Hyundai sedan car still has plenty of fans among motorists.

This car is one of the cars that are environmentally friendly. Because Hyundai car plant designing this sedan with the type of injection machine. However, before using the injection engine, Hyundai accent hatchback using Electronic Control Fuel Injection in 1996 to 1998. Then, again became Electronic Multipoint Injection (MPI) in 1999 to 2001.

hyundai accent

In terms of appearance, the car is experiencing significant changes. In the first type of Hyundai car, the car looks more rounded. Then over time, the Hyundai factory made a change to the car into an aerodynamic car. However, one thing that is not revamped from this car, which is the use of 1.500 cc engine type.

Just like other cars, this sedan car has advantages and disadvantages of various sides. To look outside, this car maintains the look of a classic car or an old car. This is one of the hallmarks of Hyundai accent cars. It is suitable for car drivers who love to drive a classic car but still using the latest machine.

hyundai accent

Another advantage possessed by this car is in terms of lights. This car has a pair of lights that are specifically used for a foggy field. This is very helpful for car drivers who are in a region with a lot of fog like in the forest or in another terrain. The unique in terms of the lamp is the shape that resembles the fish’s eye. In contrast to the cars in general who do not have eyelids.

However, although Hyundai accent classic look, this car looks more elegant and also dynamic. Very visible from the look of his body is slim and not too big.

hyundai accent

As for the inside of this car is very simple. This car is very suitable for car drivers who do not really like a lot of accents on the inside of the car. Or for those who are more interested in the performance of the car than in terms of beauty of his car.

To position, the car air conditioner is on the right and left side and the center of the car dashboard. With the design of the AC location like this, make the room in the car becomes cooler than other cars that put AC only on the middle or side only.

Hyundai accent hatchback has a steering design that is not too big, sleek, and also simple. With this design makes it easy for car drivers to enjoy the convenience of driving because of its lighter rotary power and also when gripped is not troublesome, when compared with cars that have thicker and bigger steering wheel.

Hyundai accent car dimension is known for its size that is not too big. It is suitable for car drivers who only have a small parking lot and not too troublesome when taken anywhere. For the length, this classic-style car has a length of about 4.1 meters with a width of up to 1.6 meters and 1.3 meters high.

However, this sedan does not have too much power. Therefore, this is to offset the weight of the car itself is only about 945 kg. So that, when used, has the power that suits the needs. In addition, light power makes fuel more efficient. In contrast to cars with large size, have a great power and spend a lot of fuel as well. For those of you who are looking for a car with one of its specifications is fuel efficient, you can choose Hyundai accent car as your personal car.

As for the price of Hyundai accent hatchback in Indonesia is only available for used cars only. Therefore, Hyundai accent name has been changed to Hyundai Avega. For the price of its traces, this car is priced at an affordable price, ranging from 40,000,000 to 80,000,000 only.

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