Honda CR V 2017

Honda SUV new modelHonda SUV new model to be excellent for car lovers. Some of the advantages possessed by this car look at the interior and exterior design that looks sporty, features, and also the performance of the machine that is considered reliable when operated.

Cars that have 7 variants of this color has many advantages compared with other cars. Exciting colors offered include crystal black pearl, white orchid pearl, modern steel metallic, lunar silver metallic, passion red pearl, dark olive metallic, and deep ocean blue. This sophisticated car is priced at between 432 million and 506 million depending on the specification of each car.

Honda SUV new model

Honda SUV new model gets considerable attention among the people of Indonesia. Therefore, some features are offered and also relatively affordable price, making the car lovers interested in buying this car. No wonder if the first time this car was introduced to the public, this car sold up to 17,000 units within one year only.

The advantages of Honda CR-V 2017 is very much. First, this car has a turbo engine with a small cc that is 1997 cc with 153 hp power. This, of course, affects the speed of the car itself. In addition to fast speeds, but the car with a small cc recognized fuel economy.

Honda SUV new model

In addition, this car is perfect for use as a family car. Because has 3 rows of stools that can accommodate many people. So it is very fitting if used for traveling with friends, friends, or family with a lot of personnel. This car is also recognized to have a fairly complete feature. Therefore do not be surprised if this car became the target of automotive lovers.

With the price offered, this car has a good cabin quality as well. So the price and also the quality is given is very comparable. You will not be disappointed if you buy this car to be used as your personal car.

Honda SUV new model

Another consideration that is usually often used as the main point in choosing a car is the level of comfort provided. Honda SUV new model is able to provide a quality of comfort that no doubt. This is evident from the features of electric seat arrangements that will spoil the feeder or any motorist.

In outer appearance, this car is very elegant and has an attractive design. With fairly large dimensions, this car seems dashing and suitable for those who have a high confidence. Or it could also be used for those who have high positions in the company. Because driving this car will increase the charisma and also a person’s dignity.

Another advantage possessed by this car you can see also from safety features. Because the safety factor in choosing a car is very important and should be a major consideration. Honda CR-V 2017 already has adequate safety feature. There is ABS and also Airbags that can protect passengers and riders if an accident occurs.

And this car is also often used as a recommendation for those who like to explore to places that have a steep terrain. Therefore, this car is recognized to have strong power. So it is suitable to travel far with a steep terrain.

The drawback, this car is priced at a fairly expensive for you who only have a little budget. In addition, its large dimensions are not suitable for those of you who have a narrow parking lot. To find a large parking lot in some public places is also not easy. So you need extra energy to find the right place as the parking lot. Its large body actually also affects the speed of this car. If the car with a smaller size with the same speed can go very fast, but probably not for the new Honda SUV this model.

Although some safety features such as Airbag and ABS are available, it is still incomplete compared to other cars like the Mazda CX-5.

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