Barracuda 2016

dodge barracuda 2016Dodge Barracuda 2016 is one of the most eagerly awaited luxury cars by automotive lovers. It is estimated that this car will be released in 2016 until 2020 with a pretty fantastic price. For those of you who want this car, be prepared to set aside $ 25,000 to $ 50,000. reportedly also the car will use V6 turbo with the Convertible model. In addition, the resulting speed can reach 707 horsepower by using Hellcat machine. And, it could be Dodge Barracuda will replace The Challenger.

However, the above notifications are based on unknown sources. Therefore, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles itself does not provide an official announcement of detail info about this 2016 Dodge Barracuda.

This car is one type of sports car that awaited its presence by many people. Therefore, this car has a specification and also some extraordinary advantages. So do not be surprised if this one barracuda car to be excellent for sports car lovers. This car belongs to the car modification of the previous type. With some more sophisticated changes, the 2016 barracuda car factory is able to bring new barracuda that is loved by many people.

The exterior of the car


dodge barracuda 2016The exterior of the car may be an attraction when the first time a prospective buyer sees this car. Therefore, the exterior design of the car is made in such a way that it can produce a car that is not only qualified in appearance only but also the inside.

Dodge Barracuda is manufactured using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. So the weight of this car is not too big. And of course, with a lightweight will affect the engine performance is more optimal and also lightweight. In addition, the weight of the car also affects the fuel consumption is not much aka frugal.

This car is also a redesigned car or a redesign of the previous car. Changes made by this car manufacturer one of them is on the aspect of strength that is recognized will be stronger than before. In addition, the car body will be made more sexy and sleek than before.

The interior of the car


dodge barracuda 2016While the interior of the car, there will be some changes associated with the display and also features used. However, the invisible interior design dodge barracuda not much different from previous car interior design. Of course, the carmaker and also the car enthusiast is expecting a change in the interior design. Therefore, there are some features that will be added on the inside.

In dodge barracuda 2016 will have more advanced technology features and the use of new materials on the inside. Then, passengers and riders will be entertained with some infotainment features that make passengers and riders feel more comfortable on the go. Some features that exist in this car, among others, such as audio, Bluetooth and USB, climate control, and other features that support. In addition, passengers and car drivers will be made easier to access these features.


dodge barracuda 2016

The machine is one of the mainstays used as the main point in producing this classic-modern car. Although this car is a redesign of the previous car, in terms of engine, dodge barracuda factory makes a remarkable engine combined.

Engine specifications used in the Dodge Barracuda 2016 there are 3 types, namely Tigershark 2.4L that can make fuel efficient, 3.6L V6 Pentastar, and 6.2L supercharged. With 3 types of engines in one car, this car is capable of producing an incredible speed of 600 horsepower.

with a specification that uses the technology is very modern and also a pretty fantastic price, no wonder if this car is much sought after by fans.
if you wish to buy it as a private car, you will never be disappointed

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