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chevy prerunner for salechevy Prerunner for sale has several sports car in all fields. If we used to see the supercar on the paved road. For a desert field or terrain heavy terrain, then Chevrolet Chevy Prerunner which is a truck but has the capacity like a sportscar. This car is a belle for top consumers who live in a country with a vast desert area.


Under the hood of this car engine, embedded LS7 Corvette engine 7.0 liter EFI V8 engine configuration with power that can be released reaches 606 Hp. With that much power, it is worth chevy Prerunner for sale capable of racing quickly even in the trajectory with a traction barrier is great. Equipped with 16-quart sry oil system., LS7 headers, bob butler-built 3-inch exhaust.

chevy prerunner for sale

Transmission and drive

Using ken Mogi built 4L80E automatic transmission with the full manual valve body. Chevy Prerunner truck is quite unique because of 4WD cars very rarely use an automatic transmission.


Equipped with a suspension system that is perfect for uneven road terrain. At the rear using multi-link and trailing arm style system. While the front suspension uses a kit race travel beer kits complete steel kit.

chevy prerunner for sale

Exterior design

High under the car was deliberately made high to be able to run quickly without fear of being hit by objects on the road that tend to rocky. At the rear is equipped with space to place the spare tire and also the fuel tank is also located on the back of the truck. The rear fenders use fiberwerx as well as windshields and hoods using the fiberwerx unit. The dark blue dominant color impresses fine yet still stylish. Equipped also with rigid LED lights adorn the headlights truck chevy Prerunner for sale. There are also three Mastercraft Twisted Stich seats. Equipped with 17 inches 501 alloy wheels.

If seen in general, this car is almost the same as a pickup car that has a tub open on the back. However, the difference with the pickup car is on this car the back is smaller and more narrow.

The design of this car allows one to be able to perform two functions at once in one car. First as a private car to travel far. And second to transport goods that have large dimensions and also heavyweight.

Usually, such cars are used by those who have a job as a businessman. They use this type of car to transport their wares. Or they can also be the type of person who likes to travel. Because luggage that may not be enough in the trunk of ordinary cars can be accommodated with many in this type of car.

Interior design

The truck interior design is good enough for the size of the car that is not too put forward in a luxurious appearance. But still worthy to say neat and simple. Some parts of the rear cabin coated with the aluminum material and some parts also use fiberglass so that makes this truck looks clean. The chairs of Mastercraft are lined with leather with soft yet stylish colors and are equipped with a safety handle.

chevy prerunner for sale


For price issues, you can find several different prices on each car sales site. Therefore, the price offered depends on the specifications and also the type of car sold. The price is expensive, of course, give the specifications and advantages are good too. As for the cheap price, maybe in terms of advantages and lower specifications. In some situ buying and selling, at least you have to set up funds ranging from $ 23,842 for the type of Chevrolet Colorado. And the price is more expensive than that for other types.


Having a 10-inch Lowrance HDS GPS is obviously indispensable for cars with the goal of exploring a vast and wide terrain such as deserts and wilderness.

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