Buick Regal T Type

1986 buick regal t type1986 Buick regal t type is a car that was designed for the model year 1986. And this car is made for North America version. Using 3.8L V-6. And included in the third version.

This car has a 2-door body type coupe. And already use RWD (rear wheel drive), with automatic gearbox 3 acceleration. The resulting speed is 235 horsepower. While the dimensions have a length of 200.6 inches, 70.5 inches wide, and 108.1-inch wheelbase.

The highest speed that can be taken by 1986 buzz regal t type is 166 km / h at 103 mph. while the fuel consumption used is 11.2 liters for a distance of 100 km.

1986 buick regal t type

This car was produced in October 1985 until mid-year 1986. At that time, the model used is the car with the model 1986. And the car Buick regal t type 1986 is a second-generation regal type produced in 1978-1987.

1986 Buick regal t type included into a car devoted to the upward segment. Because this car belongs to a luxury executive car. This car can also be used as a family car. Because of its size is quite large able accommodate family with medium or large size.

Engine specifications

1986 buick regal t type

Manufacturers of engines used in this car are GM Buick V6 231 (3.8). and the type of machine used is type 4. As for the type of fuel used in this luxury car is gasoline with indirect fuel injection system and charging system using a turbocharger.

In addition, this car has a valve per cylinder as much as 2 pieces. And additional features used are sequential injection; Garret turbo; intercooler; dual exhaust and OHV

The power that can be produced by this supercar to achieve 235 horsepower (hp) with maximum torque of 447 Nm. The engine is placed in front of the car with a longitudinal layout.

Dimensions and Fuel Capacity

1986 buick regal t type

Meanwhile, when talking about the dimensions of this car, this car has a dimension of 200.6 inches long, 70.5 inches wide, and 54.6 inches high. Then the wheel distance is 108.1 inches.

In addition, for the fuel capacity is quite a lot of about 68 liters. Of course with the capacity allows the rider to travel far.

Transmission Specifications

Then for the specification of the transmission, this car uses a type of gearbox GM Turbo Hydramatic Overdrive, as well as the Buick regal t type 1985. Type of transmission used is an automatic type with the number of gears as much as 4 pieces.

Fuel consumption and speed

With a super speed, this car is able to spend relatively little fuel. It is based on the calculation that in 9.8 liters of fuel, this car can travel a distance of up to 100 km. and the top speed that can be reached by this car is 219 km / h at 136 mph.


Whereas if we talk about the weight of the 1986 buzz regal t type, the weight can be spelled out very light. It is estimated that the weight it has is 1490 kg or equivalent to 3285 lbs.


Has a front tire type and rear tire of the same type, namely P215 / 65 R 15.

Exterior design

When viewed from the outside, this 1986 buick regal t type is not much different from the buff regal t type in 1985. They both have an exterior design that is almost similar and difficult to be distinguished. This car has a body shape and slim and also muscular. It will be very visible once on the body construction that looks thin by showing the curves of his body.

In addition, on the front, there are four rectangular lamps. There is on the right side 2 pieces and on the left side 2 pieces. Allows the rider to see even the darkest terrain.

Buick Regal T Type

1985 buick regal t type1985 Buick regal t type is a car that was marketed in 1985. This car was produced in October 1984 to September 1985. By using the model in 1985. The car feels from the United States this is a second-generation regal car produced in 1978 to 1987.

Is a type of car that is very executive or luxurious. Can be used as a family car with moderate or large personnel. 1985 The regal t type Buick has 2 doors with RWD (rear wheel drive).


1985 buick regal t type

The engine manufacturer uses GM Buick V-6 231 (3.8). and use a 4 stroke engine type. As for the type of fuel used is gasoline. Uses indirect fuel injection system and turbocharger charging system.

This car has 2 valves per cylinder with additional features of sequential injection; Garret turbo OHV. With the type of machine used is the type V6, then the power generated can reach 200 horsepower (hp). While maximum torque of 407 Nm.

In addition, the 1985 regal t type Buick has a considerable fuel capacity. It ranges from 68 liters which allows the rider to travel quite a long way.


1985 buick regal t type

Buick regal t type has a dimension with a length of about 5 meters, 1.8 meters wide and 1.3 meters high. While the distance between wheels ranges 2.7 meters. Then the front passes 1.4 meters and the rear lane 1.4 meters as well.


As for the drivetrain on this car using GM Turbo Hydramatic Overdrive type gearbox. By using automatic transmission type. While the number of gears is 4 pieces.

Color choice

1985 buick regal t type

There are only two color choices for this car. For exterior design color, you can choose a black or silver color. As for the interior, there are black and gray. The choice of colors that are not too much is not a problem. Because in choosing a car is a good idea to consider for the first time is a reliable engine performance compared to how it looks.

Exterior design

You can see the very muscular exterior. This is the effect of the use of lightweight base material and also the design of curves that deliberately shown. Of course, the goal is to show the impression that this car is a tough car in its class.

There are 4 pieces of light on the front which is divided into two ie 2 on the right and 2 on the left side. This allows the rider to see the terrain more clearly so that they will not find it difficult when traveling long distances during the night.

The roof of this car can be opened and also closed. This is one facility that can spoil riders or passengers. In certain circumstances, they can open the roof of the car to get cool air and great sensations during the trip. Whereas if the weather is less supportive of rain or heat, they can cover the roof of a car like cars in general.

The front and rear of the car are equipped with a wide glass. Its wide dimensions make it easy for the rider to be able to see the terrain ahead of him more clearly and unhindered by objects that can interfere with their vision.

On the front of the car has a longer size than the rear. But this is typical of the buick regal t type and classic cars in general.

The wheels are made in such a way as to support the weight of the lightweight car. Also to stabilize the long car dimensions from front to back. Very visible once if the tire used is a sturdy tire type. Because the tires of regal t type cars look thick and also tough to sustain all passengers, riders, and the weight of the car itself.

Bin Cage

how much is a rabbit at petsmarthow much is a rabbit at PetSmart? Rabbit is a friendly animal, soft, and also one of the animals that deserve to be a friend.

Rabbits are herbivores or animals that love plants. Especially dry plants such as straw. Feeding rabbits according to their nature is excellent. Therefore, this will help maintain digestive health. And also, because rabbits have long teeth, so consuming herbs like dry hay is highly recommended.

how much is a rabbit at PetSmart is a very happy animal with socializing? To avoid rabbits so as not to stress, it is better to remove the rabbit from the open. Then they will gladly run around and around. However, they also need time to rest in peace. It is the duty of the owners to be able to balance their time, when to play in the open and when to return to the cage.

The rabbit’s teeth are growing continuously. Therefore do not be surprised if they like to bite various objects around them to prevent the growth of teeth that are too long. It is recommended to give a toy that they can bite. In order to grow their teeth within normal limits.

Having two different sex rabbits is fun. Especially if they can produce a very adorable offspring. However, it is best to do the deed if necessary. Because if they do not, they will continue to produce large numbers of children.

how much is a rabbit at petsmart

If you are able to take care of the rabbit very well, then the rabbit will be able to survive longer. It is estimated they can live 8-10 years if treated by others. And for their weight, they can weigh from 2 to 10 pounds. This depends on each type of rabbit. Therefore, each type of rabbit has a characteristic in weight.

Rabbits are very active animals during the day and they will sleep at other times. This is very similar to human habits that always work from morning until late evening. Then rest when the night until early morning.

Then, what about the rabbit cage?

how much is a rabbit at petsmart

Creating a bin cage for how much is a rabbit at PetSmart is actually very easy. You do not have to buy it for expensive because you can make your own at home with used items that are not used.

However, if you do not want to bother and want something instant, you can buy it in some pet shop. The price of each bin cage depends on the material used, the size of the cage, and also the thickness of the material used.

The first thing to consider in a bin cage is its size to be adequate. Never buy a cage that is too narrow because it can disrupt your rabbit activity in there. They will also have trouble moving there and there so that they will become stressed. Their growth will be hampered.

how much is a rabbit at petsmart


So, buy or make a cage with a size larger than his body. Especially if you buy it while still a few months old. In the next few months, the animal can grow very quickly. So it is likely to meet the cage you buy if the size is very minimalist.

Second, note also the cleanliness of the cage. Keeping your cage clean is very important to keep your rabbit healthy and comfortable while living. One of the best ways to keep their cages clean is to make nets under the cage. So when they throw away the dirt, their excrement will not be stepped on and you can easily clean it up. Do also regular cleaning to prevent the coming of diseases that can endanger the health of your pet.

GTO The Judge

pontiac gto judgePontiac GTO judge is one of the factory-made cars operating in America. This car is a car that lived in the generation 1964 to 1974 ago. Previously there was a first generation GTO car produced in 60’an and 70’an. However, Pontiac GTO is considered a more modern car and more ready to compete than its predecessor car.

You need to know that Pontiac GTO judge is the car that was chosen as the Motor Trend Motor of the Year in 1968. This is not without reason. Therefore, this car is becoming very popular in his era. Some of the advantages and specifications that make this car has many fans to win the award event.

pontiac gto judge

After a long time not produced and his name began to fade, to re-enliven the automotive world. Its presence in 2004 to return to the conversation many parties.

Pontiac GTO is a car that goes into the muscle car class. Not without the basics, because if you look directly at this car, the body really shows the muscles that extraordinary. Her curves are clearly visible because of the use of lightweight materials.

Over time, the Pontiac GTO judge has undergone many changes. This is due to market demand that wants a more sophisticated and modern change of the classic car.

pontiac gto judge

However, for true Pontiac fans, there is still a Pontiac car that has not changed at all since this is the first car produced. And if you want a more viscous and historic classic look, you can own this car but in a former condition. The price offered for a used car Pontiac GTO judge is around $ 72,500. maybe you can also find a cheaper price or more expensive than that. Depending on how conditions and specifications of the car are. you can negotiate with the owner of the car. This car is sold at a car buying and selling the site.

To spoil his fans, this car provides several color variants that can be selected. Certainly, the color on the car will not have much effect on the performance of a superb car. But maybe for some people, color selection is very important. It aims to make them feel more comfortable and love their private cars.


This car uses a V8 ohv engine that can generate power up to 370 horsepower (hp). And using the transmission manual ¾ speed, turbo hydra-matic 3 speed. The front suspension uses coil springs, while the top and bottom A-arms. Then on the rear suspense using coil spring.

The weight of this car is only about 3,505-3,590 lbs. And capable of producing a top speed of up to 130 mph. wheel distance 112 inches. With fuel system 1 x 4 bbl.


pontiac gto judge

One of the most popular colors is the bright orange color. With its shiny paint makes this car look cool when viewed from a distance. At first glance, you will see a classic car appearance here. But you can not underestimate the powerful machine. Although the look of this car is a classic car, the performance is promised like a modern car with sophisticated technology.

On the front of this car, there are two lights on the right side and fruit lights on the left side. Allows being able to provide brighter lighting during the night. Then, the tires are produced with the width and the right thickness. It is suitable for use in a variety of steep terrain though.

Two rearview mirrors on the right and left have a minimalist and small frame. In accordance with the overall car design that displays the muscles on the body.

Wanna buy this car to be your personal car? Let’s buy it soon!

1969 Nova SS

1969 yenko nova for sale1969 yenko nova for sale is a car produced by Chevrolet. Who does not know this little car? This car became very popular at that time, around the year 1969 until 1979. Although it has a small body, you can not underestimate the ability and specifications that exist in this classic car.


1969 yenko nova for sale

Anyone can have this small car at a relatively affordable price. The offered price ranges from $ 3,185 or even more for a better specification of this car. But this price is a price that is comparable with the advantages possessed by 1969 yenko nova for sale this. As we know in general, cars that have the best specs have the best price anyway. For that, if you decide to buy this supercar, at least you should convince yourself that this is the best car you have.

Dimension and Car Weight

yenko nova for sale

Known this car has a slim and muscular dimension, which is about 4.8 meters long with the width of 1.8 meters and the distance of the wheel axis 2.8 meters. With that dimension, it allows this car to weigh about 3,400 kg.

dimensions that are not too large and also not too heavy also plays an important role in the speed generated. Therefore, the car does not require a tremendous power to lift a light load. On the contrary, if a car has dimensions and also a large weight, their speed will be hindered by heavy attraction.

That is one reason why most sports cars are manufactured with the sleek and lightweight body. In order for them to go as fast as the wind on the battlefield.

Fuel Consumption

yenko nova for sale

With a minimalist design and also powerful, 1969 yenko nova for sale able to travel a distance of 100 km with fuel consumption of about 20.8 liters. Or this car can travel a distance of 4.8 km per liter for fuel. You could say fuel consumption is very economical for the size of a classic car like 1969 nova ss this.

Machine and Speed

This classic car uses a V8 engine that allows driving at a speed of approximately 300 horsepower.

Exterior Design

On the outside, you can see that this car really looks classic or old. With the design of the old model, this car is able to display the characteristics of a sexy and powerful car.

This you can see on the body that uses a thin material. So that shows the beautiful curves of his body. The front and rear of the car are also designed quite long. This further adds to the impression that this car is a sporty car and also elegant.

The front and rear windshield are made wide. Allows you to look around very freely. This car factory designed the glass with a slope that is not too extreme. Surely this will make the riders and passengers become more comfortable in enjoying their journey.

In addition, on the front, you will find the lights of a very distinctive car. With a round shape like a classic car in general. While the number plate is in the middle of both lights.

At first glance, no one looks special from the outside look of this car. Because this is a simple car that does not highlight the aspect of its looks. However, this car promises a satisfaction in driving with the specifications it provides.

The wheels with a fairly large dimension allowed 1969 yenko nova for sale to explore the area with the unexpected terrain. Just like any other sports car that is very tough when they are on the streets.

Interested in having one of these cars? You can choose the color you want with the advantages that will spoil you.

New Subaru Outback 2019

New Subaru Outback 2019New Subaru Outback 2019 Subaru is one of the cars most in demand by motorists because in terms of appearance and performance is no doubt. Subaru is widely known for the automotive there are two types of the outback and also a forester. Each of these two cars has in common in terms of appearance and reliable performance. However, of course, you can not choose both cars. Especially if you only have a limited budget to buy one car only. Surely you have to choose one between the two, right? For that, it is very important for you to know the characteristics of each type of Subaru car.

Subaru Forester

New Subaru Outback 2019 vs. forester the first is in terms of body dimensions. Subaru Forester has a large body dimension. The distance between the bottom of the car deliberately made high for easy through steep terrain. In addition, motorists will feel comfortable when using this type of car because of its reliable performance. So this car is often used as one of the recommendations for those who are traveling far. Because by using Subaru Forester, there will be no significant obstacles during a tiring journey.

New Subaru Outback 2019

In addition, the Subaru Forester has advantages in terms of fuel. This car plant uses a fuel efficient system. So although this car has a large body, the energy spent does not spend a lot of fuel. It is suitable for those of you who crave cars with the reliable performance but fuel efficient.

Convenience in driving using Subaru Forester you will feel also because of various features or entertainment that is in the car. Despite the many entertainments you will get, the car manufacturer is designed to be easy to use. So even if you are a new rider using this type of car, will not be troubled with the various buttons that are confusing.

new subaru outback 2019

Then, this car also has a large trunk. This is one of the reasons why many people who choose Subaru Forester to serve as a private car. Extensive baggage allows users to enter many items and also has many functions. Especially if they use this car for long trips that require a lot of equipment.

Subaru Forester has a length dimension of about 4.5 meters with a width of 1.7 meters and a height of 1.7 meters. With this dimension, this car weighs about 1,653 kg with tank capacity reaches 60 liters. These dimensions fall into considerable dimensions. So that the outer appearance, this car looks dashing and also elegant if used. It is suitable for you who work as a businessman or head of the company.

This car is priced at a fairly expensive range of 348 million to 568 million

new subaru outback 2019

Subaru Outback

New Subaru Outback 2019 is the same factory-made car with Subaru Forester in Japan. However, this type of car is claimed to be more powerful and also more modern than the previous car. Because on this type of car gets a touch of the experts in terms of appearance and performance. No wonder if this car looks dashing from its exterior design.

Subaru outback dimensions are slightly different from Subaru Forester. The length of this car ranges from 4.7 meters with a width of 1.8 meters and 1.6 meters high. Subaru Outback has a greater fuel tamping power of 65 liters. While the weight is lighter than the forester that is 1569 kg.

Subaru Outback has a passenger capacity of 5 people. Therefore, not infrequently this car is used as a family car and suitable for use on vacation with family. In addition, his spacious luggage space can accommodate many items. This is the advantage that many people are looking for especially those who like to travel.

The type of engine used in this car is Multipoint Sequential Injection. With such a system of fuel combustion will be more perfect. So the effect is reliable and responsive engine performance.

With so many advantages on this car, do not be surprised if this car is priced at a pretty fantastic. For Subaru Outback 2.5i CVT the price is around 560 million. As for Subaru Outback type 3.6R A / T price ranges from 830 million. This price is not very comparable with engine performance, comfort, and also features that exist in this sophisticated car.

69 Stingray

1969 corvette stingray

1969 corvette stingray1969 corvette stingray is a sports car produced by Chevrolet in 1968 until 1982. And is a redesign of the same type of car that was produced in 1969. In this car made some changes, especially in the aspect of energy and also other small things previously received criticism from customers because customers feel uncomfortable. One of the changes made is a move on the ignition key that was previously on the dashboard, currently in the steering column.

The machine used in the 1969 corvette stingray is currently capable of producing power up to 300 horsepower V8. Then the change also occurs in the diameter of the wheels. In Corvette 68, the wheel diameter is made of 16 “. While on the Corvette 69 smaller size is 15 “. This car is priced at $ 4,780.

Color choice

1969 corvette stingray

This car provides several color variants for exterior design and interior. In fact, customers can order their own desired color blend. Some colors that have been provided by the manufacturer such as a black tuxedo, can-am white, Monza red, blue lemans, riverside gold, fathom green, yellow, Cortez silver, burgundy, and Monaco orange. As for the interior design, the colors provided there are 6 colors namely black, red, blue, gunmetal, saddle, and green.

Exterior design

1969 corvette stingray

On the outside, this car has a fairly long front. Very similar to crocodile’s mouth. However, offset by the dimensions of the car is very slim and visible curves. Make this sports car looks muscular and powerful though included in the classic car. The design is simple, increasingly adding an elegant impression on this car. It is suitable for those who like things that are simple, minimalist, yet still elegant and also powerful.

On the roof of this car can be opened or closed as desired by the user. This is certainly one of the advantages of this sports car. Therefore, motorists can feel the sensation of cool air throughout the journey. And if the weather turns to heat or rain, they can put the roof back to normal. And use a two-door body type located on the right and left of the car.

Interior design

1969 corvette stingray

The 1969 corvette stingray has ample space on the inside. Not only that, the trunk of this car was also wide. So it is very functioning once to travel and bring a lot of goods in the trunk of the car. On the inside of this car, there is also a camera that can show the situation behind the car. This really helps the rider when he wants his car parked.

Engine performance

No doubt, this classic-modern car has a very fast engine performance. In fact, just by using normal mode only, this car can go at speeds up to 200 mph. although with a high speed, this car can still be stable and not waver. It is one of the most robustly designed cars in an infinite speed.


The dimensions of this sports car are not too big. The size is about 182 inches long, 69 inches wide and 47.9 inches tall. With these dimensions, this car only weighs about 3260 pounds. The lightweight also affects the fuel consumption used. Because the fuel spent is very economical.


Speed generated by this classic sports car cannot be underestimated. With a slim body and also the use of lightweight base material, this car can go with a maximum speed of 196 km/hour. And using RWD (rear wheel drive), manual gearbox 3 acceleration. No wonder if this car became the target of the riders who like to feel driving with high speed.

for the layman, the price offered may be very expensive. however, for sports car lovers and billionaires, owning this car is one of the great things. because the price offered is comparable to the features and sophistication of this sports car.

Porsche Spider

porsche 918 spyder

porsche 918 spyder2018 Porsche 918 spyder is famous for its muscular and luxurious design has many color variants that you can choose. Available colors such as black, white, rhodium silver metallic, metallic silver, gt silver metallic, sapphire blue metallic, guard reed, yellow racing, dark blue metallic, meteor gray metallic, liquid metal silver, and liquid metal chrome. All the colors offered have its own charm and still be able to provide an elegant and luxurious design on this car.

One of the cars is known for its super reliable power that is 2018 Porsche 918 spyder. The speed it has is incredible, namely 887 horsepower (hp). With this speed, this car can go like a wind that blows very hard.

For a matter of price, Porsche car lovers can not underestimate it. Because the price offered by the car manufacturer is very expensive. Even just certain people who can own this car like the billionaires. The number of units produced was limited, only 918 units only. As the name implies 918 spiders. The limited number of these units also affect the price of luxury cars made in Japan.

porsche 918 spyder

This car is produced in 2013-2015 and is now no longer produced. The price of these used cars is still very expensive, which is around 4 billion. By the time the factory was actively producing in that year, sales were tremendous. The collectors of luxury cars and also the billionaires hunt this car in the wild. No wonder sales sell well in the market.

Porsche 918 spyder is a car designed with 3 pieces of the engine that can produce tremendous speed. This car is capable of traveling at speeds of 0-100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. In addition, this car is also designed to run with electric mode with a distance of up to 25 km.

porsche 918 spyder

This car is manufactured by using the plug-in hybrid. In addition, because it is a sports car that can use electric mode, then users can recharge the power in a short time, which is about 3 hours. The type of battery used is a Lithium-ion battery. However, this car is very suitable for foreign residents who are different from Indonesia, those who are accustomed to using the steering wheel on the left.

This supercar factory made a fairly fast production process, which only takes about 5 months and immediately gets a great appreciation from the sports car fans. Initially, this car is expected to be released in 2015, but it turns out the German car manufacturer is able to release products faster. This car is a type of car that has two sources of energy, namely fuel and electric motors.

With that super speed, this car is able to spend fuel that is fairly economical. Only about 33 km/liter only. That’s because the car body is slim and also muscular and with a lightweight tensile style of this luxury car.

In addition, the 2018 Porsche 918 spyder includes an environmentally friendly car. Therefore, the emissions generated quite a bit of 70 g/km.

porsche 918 spyder

The weight of the car dubbed as the supercar is only about 1490 kg. very light when compared with other cars that have a large body. The lightweight is influenced by the basic material in the car. On the roof that can be opened, this car uses a lightweight carbon fiber material. While some other parts use magnesium material and also aluminum.

This is the dream car of many people. Especially those who really love sports cars. A modern car with incredible speed but fuel efficient. Plus a little emission gas so environmentally friendly.