Mercedes E350 coupe

mercedes e350 coupeMercedes Benz coupe is a luxury and stylish car. By not modeling a supercar in general with a full body design with sharp curves, E350 Coupe still maintains the design of the sedan but with a two-door format or coupe. This type is the first time Mercedes launched a generation of coupe cars. Actually, E350 Coupe is a blend of the private luxury sedan with coupe car. But the design without pillars is the main characteristic of a car that can be called a coupe. The closest competitor e350 coupe one of them is Ford Thunderbird and Chevrolet Monte Carlos.

Kitchen runway

mercedes e350 coupe

For the affairs of power production space, Mercedes Benz coupe equipped with 3.5-liter V6 engine configuration capacity capable of spewing about 268 hp at 6,000 rpm round. And produce maximum torque of 258 lb-ft at 2500-5000 rpm. With the provision of the engine as above, the consumer owner of the Mercedes E350 Coupe will not be difficult to achieve high speed in a relatively fast.

Transmission and drive

Using 7-speed transmission with easy operational.


For convenience in passing the bumpy streets, Mercedes Benz coupe using MacPherson Sturt suspension with three paths ahead and multi-link arrangement five dots on the back.

mercedes benz coupe


The balance in driving is very stable. E-Coupe is easy to maneuver around the corner. One reason is the front and rear wheel layout is very precise, resulting in comfort when maneuvering.

Exterior design

In fact, the e350 coupe is shorter around 7 in than the typical sedan type, and 4 in more narrow, and 3.5 in lower than the E-Class sedan. Body lines on the E-Class series such as the E350 are very simple but still memorable luxury and elegance like a Mercedes car in general. But it has a rear back dashboard that is thick enough to reduce the slim impression that should be on the car coupe type.

Interior design

mercedes benz coupe

As is typical Mercedes, E350 Coupe is also designed luxury in the interior space. Leather wrap is almost in the entire cabin inside. The seats have controls to set the expands and deflates in order to adjust to the driver’s or passenger’s posture. The measuring buttons on the dashboard are very attractive with the impression that they are floating. The front seats can be set to lie backward but it takes too long to last about 8 seconds and give off a rather disturbing sound.


Equipped with front and side airbags and multiple buffer blocks to minimize the impact of damage caused by unwanted collisions.


Selling price for coupe type is usually more expensive when compared with an ordinary sedan with 4 doors. But Mercedes e350 coupe priced cheaper about USD 550 compared to 4 door sedan. Namely, USD 48,050 for an e350 coupe, while the 4-door sedan priced USD 48,600. Why it can be cheaper than the sedan, this is because e350 coupe actually replaces the CLK type in the Mercedes ranks. And CLK is built with the C-Class chassis instead of the new generation E-Class.


Although labeled as E350 actually this car is based on the old chassis that is C-Class but not delivered in general by Mercedes. This is the reason why the price of Mercedes Benz coupe cheaper than the E-Class sedan in general.


Superior compared to the Audi A5 from the driving aspect. If you use Audi A5 for long trips, it will feel very tired. In contrast to using the Mercedes E350 Coupe, with the support of a comfortable suspension and also the position of the front and rear wheels are right to make the long trip does not feel tiring.

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Mercedes s 63 AMG

2018 mercedes amg s632018 Mercedes AMG s63 is one of the most expensive cars from Mercedes. This car factory deliberately produces the car to meet the needs of consumers who want a car that has the perfection and sophistication of modern technology.

In Indonesia alone, does not rule out Mercedes will open up opportunities for anyone who wants to buy this luxury car. 2018 Mercedes C s63 using a combination of luxury S-Class and AMG outstanding performance.

2018 mercedes amg s63

You may be amazed when you know the price of this car. Mercedes plant costs around Rp 6 billion. And now the car has been sold. But for those of you who want this car, you do not need to be disappointed. Because you can place an order and wait until some time to get this everyone’s dream car.

Mercedes is famous for its products that always highlight the high performance. No wonder this car is one of the most recommended cars by automotive lovers. However, you also have to prepare a fund that does little to buy a Mercedes car. Especially for 2018 Mercedes AMG s63 this.

2018 mercedes amg s63

Complete Specification

This car uses a V8 engine that can generate power up to 577 ps and 900 Nm of torque. In addition, this luxury car also uses a 7-speed AMG Speedshift power supply by using AWD 4 Matic. As for the performance of the engine, this car is recognized capable of reaching speeds of 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

2018 mercedes amg s63

Car Design

Mercedes s63 AMG is different from the usual Mercedes s-class. The difference lies in the comfort provided. In the regular S-class, convenience is focused on passengers. While on this Mercedes s63 comfort is more focused on the driver.

Because on the front of this car there are two wide screens that pamper the driver. Among them are the screen for infotainment and the other worthy that contains multi-information. Then the car is also powered by an audio Burmester Surround Sound System. The complete navigation system also exists on this cool car. Then some other features are head-up display, water balance cabin-air purification system, fragrance system, and luxurious trim made from quality number 1.

For the S63 model itself there are actually 3 different specifications, namely Short Wheelbase S63 AMG (SWB), long wheelbase s63 AMG (LWB), and log wheelbase s63 AMG 4matic.


This car is one type of Mercedes s63 which has a displacement of 5461 cc. the resulting power reaches 585 hp at 5500 rpm. While maximum torque is 900 Nm at 2250-3750 rpm.

This type of car only spent 10.1 liters of fuel consumption to be able to travel 100 km. while the resulting emissions gas is 237 g / km. for acceleration 0-100 km / h can be reached by 4.4 seconds. With this speed, this car is capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 250 km/hour.


As for this type, displacement 5461 ccs. with the resulting output of 585 hp, the same as the previous type at 5500 rpm. Maximum torque is also the same as the previous type. Similarly, fuel consumption is used to cover a distance of 100 km.

Another similarity exists in emitted gas emissions, acceleration, and also maximum speed.

S63 AMG Matic

For the latter type, having similarity to displacement, the resulting output is 585 horsepower with maximum torque of 900 Nm. However, the use of fuel more than the type that is 10.31 liters for a distance of 100 km.

This also affects the gas emissions generated greater than before that is 242 g / km. However, specifically for this type of acceleration produced faster ie 4.0 seconds. And the maximum speed is also the same ie 250 km/hour.

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Cla Mercedes 2016

mercedes benz claMercedes Benz CLA is one of the most popular cars today. The price offered is not half-hearted. Only real people who have a high budget alone can buy it. Because this car is priced at 769 million dollars to 1.32 billion.

Of course, with such a fantastic price, this car has a specification that is not arbitrary. Mercedes Benz CLA has 5 seats. This means that this car also fits into the mid-family category.

In addition, this car uses 1595 cc engine that can produce 154 hp true power. This car has also been equipped with several other features such as airbags, power steering, and also Anti Lock Braking System.

Is a German brand car whose main target is young people. Because not infrequently Mercedes Benz car associated with the market share that is only for parents only. This time, this car factory proves that this car is not only suitable for parents only, but young people are also very suitable to ride it. To be able to grab the attention of young people, Mercedes car factory designed this car with a modern style and also practical.

Choice of Colors

mercedes benz cla

There are at least 9 colors that can be chosen by customers according to their tastes of night black, cirrus white, cosmos black metallic, Jupiter red, mountain gray metallic, universe blue metallic, northern light violet metallic, polar silver metallic, and hyacinth metallic design.

Fuel Consumption

With modern technology, Mercedes Benz CLA able to spend fuel is quite economical. Only with 5.5 liters to 7.1 liters, this car can travel a distance of up to 100 km. while for maximum speed, the rider can spur speeds up to 230-250 km/hour. Very unusual for a car with a fantastic price.

Interior Design and Features

mercedes benz cla

This high-quality car really presents the features and interior design that makes passengers and passengers comfortable. How not, this car is equipped with a variety of advanced features that are only operated via a practical button.

The comfortable seat makes passengers and riders enjoy their journey even though they travel very tiring. Some features that can be used in this car include internet connection, car phone, and other digital equipment.

In addition, this sophisticated car also has a large luggage capacity, which amounted to 470 liters. This means that the baggage can accommodate the many items needed during the long journey. In addition, because of the large luggage space, passengers or motorists can put some other stuff that is quite large and takes place.

Exterior Design


mercedes benz claWhile on the exterior, this car is designed with a very bold and challenging. This is seen in the body is very slim and well muscled. On the back of this car is made low to almost touch the ground.

In addition, this car only has a dimension of 4.6 meters long with a width of 1.7 meters and 1.4 meters high. Then for the distance wheels made with a size of 2.6 meters. With such a distance, this car is bamboo keep the stability while driving even at high speed.


With the price offered could be a price that is comparable to the features and advantages provided by Mercedes Benz CLA. In addition, by combining the speed and power possessed by this car, making this car one of the tough cars in its class.

not everyone can buy this technologically advanced car. however, if you have the opportunity to have it, do not hesitate to decide. because, with the variety of sophistication offered, you will not be disappointed if you have this car as a private car.

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