Prerunner for Sale

chevy prerunner for salechevy Prerunner for sale has several sports car in all fields. If we used to see the supercar on the paved road. For a desert field or terrain heavy terrain, then Chevrolet Chevy Prerunner which is a truck but has the capacity like a sportscar. This car is a belle for top consumers who live in a country with a vast desert area.


Under the hood of this car engine, embedded LS7 Corvette engine 7.0 liter EFI V8 engine configuration with power that can be released reaches 606 Hp. With that much power, it is worth chevy Prerunner for sale capable of racing quickly even in the trajectory with a traction barrier is great. Equipped with 16-quart sry oil system., LS7 headers, bob butler-built 3-inch exhaust.

chevy prerunner for sale

Transmission and drive

Using ken Mogi built 4L80E automatic transmission with the full manual valve body. Chevy Prerunner truck is quite unique because of 4WD cars very rarely use an automatic transmission.


Equipped with a suspension system that is perfect for uneven road terrain. At the rear using multi-link and trailing arm style system. While the front suspension uses a kit race travel beer kits complete steel kit.

chevy prerunner for sale

Exterior design

High under the car was deliberately made high to be able to run quickly without fear of being hit by objects on the road that tend to rocky. At the rear is equipped with space to place the spare tire and also the fuel tank is also located on the back of the truck. The rear fenders use fiberwerx as well as windshields and hoods using the fiberwerx unit. The dark blue dominant color impresses fine yet still stylish. Equipped also with rigid LED lights adorn the headlights truck chevy Prerunner for sale. There are also three Mastercraft Twisted Stich seats. Equipped with 17 inches 501 alloy wheels.

If seen in general, this car is almost the same as a pickup car that has a tub open on the back. However, the difference with the pickup car is on this car the back is smaller and more narrow.

The design of this car allows one to be able to perform two functions at once in one car. First as a private car to travel far. And second to transport goods that have large dimensions and also heavyweight.

Usually, such cars are used by those who have a job as a businessman. They use this type of car to transport their wares. Or they can also be the type of person who likes to travel. Because luggage that may not be enough in the trunk of ordinary cars can be accommodated with many in this type of car.

Interior design

The truck interior design is good enough for the size of the car that is not too put forward in a luxurious appearance. But still worthy to say neat and simple. Some parts of the rear cabin coated with the aluminum material and some parts also use fiberglass so that makes this truck looks clean. The chairs of Mastercraft are lined with leather with soft yet stylish colors and are equipped with a safety handle.

chevy prerunner for sale


For price issues, you can find several different prices on each car sales site. Therefore, the price offered depends on the specifications and also the type of car sold. The price is expensive, of course, give the specifications and advantages are good too. As for the cheap price, maybe in terms of advantages and lower specifications. In some situ buying and selling, at least you have to set up funds ranging from $ 23,842 for the type of Chevrolet Colorado. And the price is more expensive than that for other types.


Having a 10-inch Lowrance HDS GPS is obviously indispensable for cars with the goal of exploring a vast and wide terrain such as deserts and wilderness.

Corvette ZR1

corvette zr1 2017 pricecorvette zr1 2017 price is Generation supercar from Chevrolet this one has a great performance. Corvette ZR1 is a mainstay of Chevrolet to beat competitors like Ford GT. Corvette ZR1 is predicted to have superior quality supercar with V8 engine configuration with 6.2-liter capacity.


Using a supercharged 6.2 L V8front engine configuration that can spew 755 hp at 6,400 rpm and 715 pound-feet of torque at 3,600 rpm speed. Chevrolet guarantees this type of engine is more efficient than previous types of machines. With the power of the engine that would produce high heat, for that corvette zr1 2017 price equipped with additional radiators that keep the engine temperature stays cool when the car is driven aggressively. Top speed that can be reached at 212 Mph. The composition of aluminum engine blocks and heads and direct fuel injection.

corvette zr1 2017 price

Transmission and drive

Available in two types of acceleration, ie 7-speed manual or 8-speed paddle shift transmission gives you the satisfaction to spur your adrenaline on the street. The 755 Hp power generated by the V8 engine is distributed directly to the rear wheel or rear wheel drive. Some sports car like Ferrari, Bugatti, has shifted the position of the machine somewhat to the middle because it is proven to increase efficiency in distributing engine power to the wheels. But the Corvette ZR1 still maintains the position of the engine in front and claims can still be as efficient as the engine with the position in the middle.

corvette zr1 2017 price


It has a 106.7-in-wheelbase. Lenght 179,8 in, width 77,4 in, height 48,5 in.

Suspension and brakes

It has a special suspension tuning that makes the suspension system more adaptive, this is related to the level of comfort while riding this sportscar. equipped with a brake pad of carbon ceramic material that is very heat resistant and anti-slip.

corvette zr1 2017 price

Exterior design

It has a large wing spoiler and is made of light but strong carbon fiber. Using the Michelin tire pilot sports cup 2. The wheels are used to speak the star so beautify the overall appearance of this car. the curves of the body are very sharp and aerodynamic that can split the wind to the maximum. Giant wings that are behind the car give a big hand providing downforce up to 900 pounds. Thus making the corvette zr1 2017 price has stability levels in amazing high speed. The front grille provides three large spaces or holes as the cold air flow entrances are used as water cooling in the radiator.

Interior design

Equipped with a charming race chair. The safety beams that reinforce the impression of a fast sports car but a high level of security. With a true coupe model, the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 has ample space for the steering wheel, this will provide comfort in driving it even at high speed. Modern functional features on the front dashboard arranged very neatly and elegant, allowing the driver to access it. The choice of colors that exist in the interior is very attractive to anyone who looks. Blend of soft colors but still seem elegant.


corvette zr1 2017 price will be at USD 122.990. This price is lower when compared to its closest competitor Ford GT whose price reaches USD 450,000


In a clear speed Corvette, zr1 2017 price has surpassed its closest competitor Ford GT and also Dodge. In the test engine, a 755 Hp power spew breaks the exhaust pipe with a flex plate. The price offered is also cheaper than the Ford GT with a quality that precisely outperformed the Ford GT. The Corvette ZR1 is also nicer when doing laps on the run, with speeds maintained at 130 Mph.

how, wanna buy this supercar to be your personal car?

2013 camaro zl1

2012 Camaro zl1 for sale2012 Camaro zl1 for sale is the fifth generation car. This car is a redesigned car from the type 2010 car. In this redesign car, not much has changed in terms of appearance. However, the changes you can see on some advanced features used in this car.

This car has been through a modification on the engine. It affects the speed and also the fuel efficiency used. In addition, the zl1 Camaro is recognized to be stronger and lighter than the previous type.

Dimensions of the car

2012 Camaro zl1 for sale

This cool car has a decent dimension, not too big or too small. With a body length of 190.4 inches and 75.5 inches wide. While the height of the car is only 54.2 inch. With such dimensions, this car has a distance between the wheels of about 112.3 inch.

Fuel consumption

2012 Camaro zl1 for sale has a fairly wide fuel capacity, which is 19.0 Gal. With this capacity, this car can travel 14 cities / 19 Hwy. This calculation is included in the economical fuel consumption. So it will save the cost of daily fuel consumption.

2012 Camaro zl1 for sale


As for its performance, this car uses a basic engine size of 6.2 liters. The basic engine type used is the V8 type which can generate 580 horsepower (hp) power. The power can be reached at 6,000 rpm. And maximum torque of 556 Lb-Ft at 4,200 rpm.

Exterior design

2012 Camaro zl1 for sale

On the front, there are fog lights or safety lights that can be used when in a field filled with fog or smoke. Not only that, this car also has a 1 line LCD monitor.

In the wheel, made of shiny black aluminum. You will be amazed at how these wheels can emit a shimmering light. Of course, this will make their appearance cooler. The size of the tire is estimated at about 20 inches.

While on the trim chair is made of leather or suede. This adds to the impression of luxury and elegant cars on this car. And certainly, the use of leather like this is not possible to use materials with ordinary quality only. However, manufacturers use the highest quality materials for their products.

Car features

2012 Camaro zl1 for sale has been equipped with some advanced features that will spoil its owner. Ease of access to existing features also become the advantages of this cool car.

One of the features shown is ultrasonic parking. This feature allows helping the rider in parking his vehicle with ease. In contrast to some cars that have to do manual parking without sophisticated tools like this.

Then, security features such as ABS and also driveline traction control is also installed in this car. This is a feature that mostly exists on expensive cars like the Camaro zl1.

On the front of the car, there is air conditioning that will make the air in the car becomes cooler when the air outside is very hot. This is one feature that can provide comfort for riders and passengers when traveling far.


To own a zero car cull, you have to set aside $ 54,350. the price is quite fantastic but it seems comparable to the facilities and advanced features that you can get from this car.

Color variant

As for the color variant, you can choose some beautiful colors to add to the beauty of your car’s exterior design. Some of the colors provided are gray, white, black, brown, red, maroon red, dark gray, yellow, and other colors that you can see in the catalog.

As for the color of the inside, there is only one color is black. Although it only has one color on the inside, but does not remove the cool aspect and also trendy on this car.

2017 Chevy Chevelle ss

new 2017 chevelle ssNew 2017 Chevelle ss had horrendous world automotive. The reason, many outstanding images in cyberspace will be the presence of this new car. Of course, many pros and cons among car lovers about the design and some modifications made on this car.

New 2017 Chevelle ss is more similar to Dodge Challenger in terms of body. The concept that carried on this car is the most innovative. Because this car is actually still using the model of the car in 1977 but with a more modern style. Surely this change will be an improvement in the car’s industry.

new 2017 chevelle ss

Previously, Chevy car enthusiasts were disappointed to find out that the car manufacturer does not produce this car anymore. However, it suddenly circulated the news that the Chevrolet industry will produce it again with its latest design. Surely this is surprising and Chevrolet enthusiasts must be very excited about the news.

It is rumored that this car will be designed with 4 doors. Then, the machine used is the V8 so you can imagine how much speed will be generated by this classic-modern car.

Every company that will launch its new model, many people are certainly curious about the specifications and also the shape of the car. This makes most fans go crazy about thinking about it. Launching a new car that makes fans curious certainly raises two sides. The first is the profit for the factory because they will earn a lot of money by earning fantastic sales. The way they do it first is to make fans curious and keep blowing the news of the emergence of their new products. And the second is certain fans will be confused because they have to choose a car that they already have or buy a new car. If they decide to buy a new model, they should immediately set up funds that are not small. This is what happens to new 2017 Chevelle Ss.

new 2017 chevelle ss

But until now, there is no definite news about the specifications aka tone on this new car. It’s just that many suspects that this car will use faster power and the use of materials that are lighter than before. Surely this conjecture does not yet have a definite baseline. But clearly, a car company will definitely launch its new product with a better quality than the previous model.

You need to know that the Chevelle car is one of the most famous cars. With modern design and use of 4 turbo engine. In addition, of course, this car has a machine performance that can not be doubted. Therefore do not be surprised if this car always has a fan that is not a few in number.

new 2017 chevelle ss

Although not known exact specifications of this car, but if seen from the number of photos in circulation, this car is so stunning. Very deserved if this car looks sporty and also cool. With a slightly pointy front, of course, is part of the aerodynamic design. In addition, this car is not too high, even tend to be low with a very wide glass.

Looking from a distance you will see how shimmering the car is. With a unique headlamp design on the right and also left. The tires used are also large. Allow this car to drive in steep terrain though with high speed.

Fans of new 2017 Chevelle ss will always be made curious until this car factory really launched its newest model. For fans of this car, you should prepare two things, namely money and also mental. Because of course the price of this car is not cheap and will decrease your pocket very deep. In addition, you will be made crazy with the specifications and modern features that will be applied to this cool car.

1980s Cars

1980s carsMost reliable cars under 5000 facts do exist. Having $ 5,000 to buy a car is very difficult today. But in the old days, $ 5,000 money you can have a car in 1980. One of them is the Chevy Camaro Z28.

This car is very famous in 1980. And included in the most reliable cars 5000. Chevy Camaro has a body type that is designed 2 doors. Then use RWD (Rear wheel drive) with 3-speed automatic gearbox.

This is one of the sports cars that many dreams of sports car lovers today. Because in addition to the various advantages possessed, the price offered when it is very tempting. However, this car may be sold at a fairly expensive price. More expensive than the new price in 1980. Moreover, this is a classic car. Of course, has added value in the eyes of people who love to collect antiques.

Fuel Consumption

1980s cars

Fuel consumption is spent by the car is about 18.1 liters for mileage along the 100 km. this means for 1 liter of fuel can cure distance about 5,5 km. including spending a considerable amount of fuel. However, this can be learned because this is a classic car that must have a lot of updates to do.

Dimensions and Weights

1980s cars

This classic car has a dimension of about 5 meters long by 1.8 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. With these dimensions, this car only weighs about 1625 kg only. Quite light when compared with the cars of today that have a large dimension and use the basic material is thick enough.

Speed and engine

1980s cars

Using the V6 engine, Chevy Camaro capable of producing speeds up to 165 horsepower. It is suitable for riders who want to enjoy the atmosphere during the trip compared to test adrenaline with high speed. Nevertheless, this car remains a prima donna as a cool sports car in his era.

Exterior Design

Like classic cars in general, most reliable cars under 5000 has a muscular outer frame. It was very visible once from the curve of the body that looks very clear. Then, the use of thin materials also further reinforce that this car is a sporty and elegant yet simple car.

The front of this car looks very long. Not only that, the back too. Allow having extensive baggage. So it is suitable to carry several items in large quantities. Then, this car also looks low. Unlike the cars today that have a good height so safe when used during floods.

This classic sports car has a glass front with a slope that fits. While the rear glass is made very wide. And this is an advancement created by this Chevy Camaro Z28 car manufacturer.

The rounded front lights are more like the owl with a little hollow around the lamp. The design of the front is also a bit pointed to add aerodynamic function. So it can help this car to go quickly by way of breaking the air. This is one of the characteristics of a sports car that always put forward aerodynamic functions on the design of the front.

The use of thick tires and also large enables this classic car drove in a steep terrain. In addition, the roof can be opened or closed in accordance with the wishes of the rider. This car is really a dream sports car at the time. And maybe until now, there are still many who become crazy because of this car.

Interior design

Interior design in most reliable cars under 5000 is made with the simple use of lightweight and minimalist materials. The back seat of the car can be folded so that it can increase the width of the inside of the car. With a design like this, it is suitable for people who love the things that are simple but have a decent quality performance.

Camaro 69 ss

camaro ss 1969

camaro ss 1969Camaro ss 1969 is one of the many cars targeted by the classic car enthusiast. Although the look of this car including classic cars, this car has many advantages so many people who fall in love with this car. Moreover, this car is used in a film that has a high rating, namely Transformers. His presence in the film, making the sale of these cars jumped sharply. Instantly this car became the prima donna of many parties, the not least Indonesian artist, Raffi Ahmad.

Raffi Ahmad is a rising artist and has one of the colors of this 1969 Camaro ss car. Even. Camaro car owned by Raffi exactly the same color used in the movie box office, which is yellow.

camaro ss 1969

This car actually has two types, namely the SS Camaro and RS Camaro. However, the SS Camaro has an advantage over the RS Camaro. Because the SS Camaro uses a 6200 cc V8 engine that produces power up to 426 horsepower (hp). Although the classic car, but in terms of speed of this car cannot be doubted. With such tremendous speed, this car can even be juxtaposed with sports cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

As for the other type, Camaro RS, using only 3600 cc V6 engine that produces 306 horsepower only. Therefore this type of car Camaro less superior compared with the other type. However, both have similarities in terms of interior design and exterior.

Although from the outside like the old car, but the advantages and specifications owned by this car is extraordinary. So do not be surprised if this car is priced at a pretty fantastic price. To get this car, lovers of classic cars must reach a bag of 3 billion dollars.

camaro ss 1969

This car uses an automatic injection system with 6 speed with manual shift mode. The maximum power generated is 275 horsepower or 5600 rpm. The fuel tamping power of this car is quite large, which is 72 liters with the 6-speed automatic transmission.

While the dimensions are not too big and fat like a luxury car in general. Camaro ss 1969 only has dimensions of about 4.8 meters long with 1.9 meters wide and 1.3 meters high. With these dimensions, Camaro ss only weighs 1450 kg only. This car also has a lot of passenger tamping power, which is 5 seats. It is suitable to serve as a minimalist family car.

camaro ss 1969

Camaro ss is a fantastic sports car that has fantastic value and has a sporty look and also dashing. Because this car is not too slim and not too fat for the size of a sports car. The unique design is seen on the part of the lamp that has a round shape like owl eyes. This car is equipped with a fog lamp that can see the field covered with thick fog.

Another distinctive feature of this sports car is the sound of very exhaust tight. Therefore, this car uses two exhaust. As for the performance of the engine, this car cannot be underestimated. Because it has a powerful engine and great power because of the combination of speed with manual shift mode it has.

The price offered is very comparable with the features available on this car. At the rear, has mounted rear camera that can be used to help riders in the car park. Not only that, this car is also equipped with a road sensor. So that car users can find out if the road in its path is out of the way. Then there are also adequate safety features such as dual airbags, immobilizer, and ABS.

How, are you interested in owning this amazing sports car? Prepare your budget to buy this!