1963 Mercury Meteor

cars for sale in gaCars for sale in ga is the most recently released type by one of the companies still in touch with Ford Motor. The use of brand mercury meteor only lasts for approximately 2-3 years. Precisely in 1961 to 1963, so the Mercury Meteor 1963 became the last generation. The sale of this car is generally not very encouraging, many factors that affect it. One of them is a fairly tight competition map in this class that is with Dodge and also Pontiac.

With production and marketing lasting only for about 2 years, the Mercury Meteor 1963 includes a very step-by-step Cars for sale in ga even in its home country of America.

Kitchen runway

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For the affairs of the source of power, ford fans would have been quite familiar with the type of V8 engine with 260 cubic inches which are strong enough to give a qualified motion at Mercury Meteor 1963.


For the size of the production year 1963, Mercury Meteor including has a 4-speed transmission is qualified to be able to with a fairly high speed. Mercury production in the previous year was quite familiar with automatic transmissions, but specifically for Mercury Meteor production of 1963 using a 4-speed manual transmission.

Exterior design

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The display is unique with the sharpest straight body shaped with several indentations make a very futuristic but classic impression. The choice of bright colors like blue makes Mercury Meteor 1963 a dashing car dazzling every eye that looks at it. The rear wheels slightly closed with the body so it looks lower impression than the front. the aerodynamic impression is also quite strong if you look at the whole body Cars for sale in ga from the side. Equipped also with classic magnum 500 wheels that make ford products that this one seems very sporty. The rear lights of Mercury are quite unique, the design is more like a Monterey jet.

Interior design

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Mercury Meteor, in general, includes the coupe type so there are only two seats like a sports car, but there is also a type of additional seating in the back so it becomes a family sedan. This makes the steering room feel more spacious and comfortable enough that relates to the driver’s visibility either forward or from the side. Color choices on the dashboard are also very bright, making it easier to see the conditions displayed on the dashboard. There are also heaters and radios. Equipped also with a carpet mat that covers the entire floor of the car without exception.


For the price of its former market in the range of 35,000,000 already get Mercury Meteor in 1963 with conditions that are still pretty good. Usually, the fans of classic cars like this are very good in terms of maintenance. Especially the engine parts and also the exterior, they will strive to maintain a nice outward appearance that adds to the pride of having this classic legendary car.


Pamor still loses when compared with Pontiac and Dodge who play in the same segment level. This makes the resale price of Mercury Meteor 1963 certainly will be much lower than the two major competitors above.


For fans of classic cars both in years and in appearance, the Mercury Meteor 1963 engined Ford is a distinct advantage. A very classic design actually add value from this car. if you are driving this car on the street, then certainly many eyes will see Cars for sale in your ga. A V8 engine is a machine with characters that can be said to be more responsive when compared with machines with inline type. The limited production that made Mercury Meteor in 1963 became a rarity precisely became an advantage for this Ford-engined car.

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