Audi RS5

audi rs5Audi RS5 price is a cool car made by Gyor factory in Hungary. This car has a feature in terms of speed. Therefore, this car is capable of speeds up to 100 km/hour. The speed is not the maximum speed. However, the speed of this car can be increased again to 280 km / h under certain conditions. No wonder if this car became an idol among car lovers, because of Audi RS5 affordable enough, which is about $ 85,495 for the new car.

In addition, the Audi RS5 price has other features in terms of engine power. In fact, the engine used in this type of car is almost close to the V8 engine used by Audi cars with different types of Audi R8. The power of the Audi RS5 engine can also be said as a racing car because of its energy reaching 4000-6000 rpm.

audi rs5

Cool car with various variants of this color has a coupe body type. In addition, this car is suitable for use as a family car because it can accommodate passengers as much as 5 people. Is a car that is categorized into a mid-size family. The fuel used is petrol type. And the coverage of the engine on the Audi RS5 price reached 4163 ccs.

With a total of 7 gears, car users can control their speed from the lowest to the highest. This is perfect for car users who like a variety of terrain in driving. That way, they can adjust the terrain to the speed they want.

audi rs5

In order for the engine to maintain quality and performance, it is advisable to use pertamax fuel. With this fuel, the car will run with lighter. It is not recommended to use pertamax fuel because besides not in accordance with the recommendation from the factory, the machine will also be damaged quickly and the car engine will require more power to operate. This is very harmful to the engine because if done continuously can cause damage to the car engine.

This Audi RS5 car has dimensions that are not too big. So suitable for those who have a narrow parking lot. In addition, this car is easy to carry anywhere because it does not require a parking area that is too broad. This luxury car has a length of about 4.6 m with a height of 1.3 m and 1.8 m wide. In addition, this car has a weight that is not too large that is around 1715 kg only.

audi rs5

Then, what makes this car a prima donna is in terms of its attractive colors. You can choose one of the colors from this car. Some of the most popular colors are red and silver.


Here are the full specs from Audi RS5 for you!

Transmission: Automatic

Amount of Gir: 7

Cylinder: 8

Peak Power: 450

Fuel: Pertamax

Engine CC: 4163

Nm: 430

Length: 4.6 m

Height: 1.3 m

Front Thread: 1586

Width: 1.8 m

Thread Rear: 1582

Weight: 1715 kg

Audi RS5 has a pretty good rating among its users. Because this car has an attractive design and also elegant with a color that can make anyone fascinated. In addition, anyone who drives this car will feel comfortable in driving. With a reliable performance, do not be surprised if this car is a prima donna in its class. In addition, in terms of maintenance costs, requires sufficient funds affordable. And the most important is the Audi RS5 price is not too expensive to make this car became one of the cars most targeted by car lovers.

If you are a car lover with the speed of matching a sports car, it would not hurt to buy Audi Rs5 as your personal car.

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