Porsche Spider

porsche 918 spyder2018 Porsche 918 spyder is famous for its muscular and luxurious design has many color variants that you can choose. Available colors such as black, white, rhodium silver metallic, metallic silver, gt silver metallic, sapphire blue metallic, guard reed, yellow racing, dark blue metallic, meteor gray metallic, liquid metal silver, and liquid metal chrome. All the colors offered have its own charm and still be able to provide an elegant and luxurious design on this car.

One of the cars is known for its super reliable power that is 2018 Porsche 918 spyder. The speed it has is incredible, namely 887 horsepower (hp). With this speed, this car can go like a wind that blows very hard.

For a matter of price, Porsche car lovers can not underestimate it. Because the price offered by the car manufacturer is very expensive. Even just certain people who can own this car like the billionaires. The number of units produced was limited, only 918 units only. As the name implies 918 spiders. The limited number of these units also affect the price of luxury cars made in Japan.

porsche 918 spyder

This car is produced in 2013-2015 and is now no longer produced. The price of these used cars is still very expensive, which is around 4 billion. By the time the factory was actively producing in that year, sales were tremendous. The collectors of luxury cars and also the billionaires hunt this car in the wild. No wonder sales sell well in the market.

Porsche 918 spyder is a car designed with 3 pieces of the engine that can produce tremendous speed. This car is capable of traveling at speeds of 0-100 km / h in 3.2 seconds. In addition, this car is also designed to run with electric mode with a distance of up to 25 km.

porsche 918 spyder

This car is manufactured by using the plug-in hybrid. In addition, because it is a sports car that can use electric mode, then users can recharge the power in a short time, which is about 3 hours. The type of battery used is a Lithium-ion battery. However, this car is very suitable for foreign residents who are different from Indonesia, those who are accustomed to using the steering wheel on the left.

This supercar factory made a fairly fast production process, which only takes about 5 months and immediately gets a great appreciation from the sports car fans. Initially, this car is expected to be released in 2015, but it turns out the German car manufacturer is able to release products faster. This car is a type of car that has two sources of energy, namely fuel and electric motors.

With that super speed, this car is able to spend fuel that is fairly economical. Only about 33 km/liter only. That’s because the car body is slim and also muscular and with a lightweight tensile style of this luxury car.

In addition, the 2018 Porsche 918 spyder includes an environmentally friendly car. Therefore, the emissions generated quite a bit of 70 g/km.

porsche 918 spyder

The weight of the car dubbed as the supercar is only about 1490 kg. very light when compared with other cars that have a large body. The lightweight is influenced by the basic material in the car. On the roof that can be opened, this car uses a lightweight carbon fiber material. While some other parts use magnesium material and also aluminum.

This is the dream car of many people. Especially those who really love sports cars. A modern car with incredible speed but fuel efficient. Plus a little emission gas so environmentally friendly.

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