Buick Regal T Type

1986 buick regal t type1986 Buick regal t type is a car that was designed for the model year 1986. And this car is made for North America version. Using 3.8L V-6. And included in the third version.

This car has a 2-door body type coupe. And already use RWD (rear wheel drive), with automatic gearbox 3 acceleration. The resulting speed is 235 horsepower. While the dimensions have a length of 200.6 inches, 70.5 inches wide, and 108.1-inch wheelbase.

The highest speed that can be taken by 1986 buzz regal t type is 166 km / h at 103 mph. while the fuel consumption used is 11.2 liters for a distance of 100 km.

1986 buick regal t type

This car was produced in October 1985 until mid-year 1986. At that time, the model used is the car with the model 1986. And the car Buick regal t type 1986 is a second-generation regal type produced in 1978-1987.

1986 Buick regal t type included into a car devoted to the upward segment. Because this car belongs to a luxury executive car. This car can also be used as a family car. Because of its size is quite large able accommodate family with medium or large size.

Engine specifications

1986 buick regal t type

Manufacturers of engines used in this car are GM Buick V6 231 (3.8). and the type of machine used is type 4. As for the type of fuel used in this luxury car is gasoline with indirect fuel injection system and charging system using a turbocharger.

In addition, this car has a valve per cylinder as much as 2 pieces. And additional features used are sequential injection; Garret turbo; intercooler; dual exhaust and OHV

The power that can be produced by this supercar to achieve 235 horsepower (hp) with maximum torque of 447 Nm. The engine is placed in front of the car with a longitudinal layout.

Dimensions and Fuel Capacity

1986 buick regal t type

Meanwhile, when talking about the dimensions of this car, this car has a dimension of 200.6 inches long, 70.5 inches wide, and 54.6 inches high. Then the wheel distance is 108.1 inches.

In addition, for the fuel capacity is quite a lot of about 68 liters. Of course with the capacity allows the rider to travel far.

Transmission Specifications

Then for the specification of the transmission, this car uses a type of gearbox GM Turbo Hydramatic Overdrive, as well as the Buick regal t type 1985. Type of transmission used is an automatic type with the number of gears as much as 4 pieces.

Fuel consumption and speed

With a super speed, this car is able to spend relatively little fuel. It is based on the calculation that in 9.8 liters of fuel, this car can travel a distance of up to 100 km. and the top speed that can be reached by this car is 219 km / h at 136 mph.


Whereas if we talk about the weight of the 1986 buzz regal t type, the weight can be spelled out very light. It is estimated that the weight it has is 1490 kg or equivalent to 3285 lbs.


Has a front tire type and rear tire of the same type, namely P215 / 65 R 15.

Exterior design

When viewed from the outside, this 1986 buick regal t type is not much different from the buff regal t type in 1985. They both have an exterior design that is almost similar and difficult to be distinguished. This car has a body shape and slim and also muscular. It will be very visible once on the body construction that looks thin by showing the curves of his body.

In addition, on the front, there are four rectangular lamps. There is on the right side 2 pieces and on the left side 2 pieces. Allows the rider to see even the darkest terrain.

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