1969 Nova SS

1969 yenko nova for sale1969 yenko nova for sale is a car produced by Chevrolet. Who does not know this little car? This car became very popular at that time, around the year 1969 until 1979. Although it has a small body, you can not underestimate the ability and specifications that exist in this classic car.


1969 yenko nova for sale

Anyone can have this small car at a relatively affordable price. The offered price ranges from $ 3,185 or even more for a better specification of this car. But this price is a price that is comparable with the advantages possessed by 1969 yenko nova for sale this. As we know in general, cars that have the best specs have the best price anyway. For that, if you decide to buy this supercar, at least you should convince yourself that this is the best car you have.

Dimension and Car Weight

yenko nova for sale

Known this car has a slim and muscular dimension, which is about 4.8 meters long with the width of 1.8 meters and the distance of the wheel axis 2.8 meters. With that dimension, it allows this car to weigh about 3,400 kg.

dimensions that are not too large and also not too heavy also plays an important role in the speed generated. Therefore, the car does not require a tremendous power to lift a light load. On the contrary, if a car has dimensions and also a large weight, their speed will be hindered by heavy attraction.

That is one reason why most sports cars are manufactured with the sleek and lightweight body. In order for them to go as fast as the wind on the battlefield.

Fuel Consumption

yenko nova for sale

With a minimalist design and also powerful, 1969 yenko nova for sale able to travel a distance of 100 km with fuel consumption of about 20.8 liters. Or this car can travel a distance of 4.8 km per liter for fuel. You could say fuel consumption is very economical for the size of a classic car like 1969 nova ss this.

Machine and Speed

This classic car uses a V8 engine that allows driving at a speed of approximately 300 horsepower.

Exterior Design

On the outside, you can see that this car really looks classic or old. With the design of the old model, this car is able to display the characteristics of a sexy and powerful car.

This you can see on the body that uses a thin material. So that shows the beautiful curves of his body. The front and rear of the car are also designed quite long. This further adds to the impression that this car is a sporty car and also elegant.

The front and rear windshield are made wide. Allows you to look around very freely. This car factory designed the glass with a slope that is not too extreme. Surely this will make the riders and passengers become more comfortable in enjoying their journey.

In addition, on the front, you will find the lights of a very distinctive car. With a round shape like a classic car in general. While the number plate is in the middle of both lights.

At first glance, no one looks special from the outside look of this car. Because this is a simple car that does not highlight the aspect of its looks. However, this car promises a satisfaction in driving with the specifications it provides.

The wheels with a fairly large dimension allowed 1969 yenko nova for sale to explore the area with the unexpected terrain. Just like any other sports car that is very tough when they are on the streets.

Interested in having one of these cars? You can choose the color you want with the advantages that will spoil you.

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