69 Stingray

1969 corvette stingray1969 corvette stingray is a sports car produced by Chevrolet in 1968 until 1982. And is a redesign of the same type of car that was produced in 1969. In this car made some changes, especially in the aspect of energy and also other small things previously received criticism from customers because customers feel uncomfortable. One of the changes made is a move on the ignition key that was previously on the dashboard, currently in the steering column.

The machine used in the 1969 corvette stingray is currently capable of producing power up to 300 horsepower V8. Then the change also occurs in the diameter of the wheels. In Corvette 68, the wheel diameter is made of 16 “. While on the Corvette 69 smaller size is 15 “. This car is priced at $ 4,780.

Color choice

1969 corvette stingray

This car provides several color variants for exterior design and interior. In fact, customers can order their own desired color blend. Some colors that have been provided by the manufacturer such as a black tuxedo, can-am white, Monza red, blue lemans, riverside gold, fathom green, yellow, Cortez silver, burgundy, and Monaco orange. As for the interior design, the colors provided there are 6 colors namely black, red, blue, gunmetal, saddle, and green.

Exterior design

1969 corvette stingray

On the outside, this car has a fairly long front. Very similar to crocodile’s mouth. However, offset by the dimensions of the car is very slim and visible curves. Make this sports car looks muscular and powerful though included in the classic car. The design is simple, increasingly adding an elegant impression on this car. It is suitable for those who like things that are simple, minimalist, yet still elegant and also powerful.

On the roof of this car can be opened or closed as desired by the user. This is certainly one of the advantages of this sports car. Therefore, motorists can feel the sensation of cool air throughout the journey. And if the weather turns to heat or rain, they can put the roof back to normal. And use a two-door body type located on the right and left of the car.

Interior design

1969 corvette stingray

The 1969 corvette stingray has ample space on the inside. Not only that, the trunk of this car was also wide. So it is very functioning once to travel and bring a lot of goods in the trunk of the car. On the inside of this car, there is also a camera that can show the situation behind the car. This really helps the rider when he wants his car parked.

Engine performance

No doubt, this classic-modern car has a very fast engine performance. In fact, just by using normal mode only, this car can go at speeds up to 200 mph. although with a high speed, this car can still be stable and not waver. It is one of the most robustly designed cars in an infinite speed.


The dimensions of this sports car are not too big. The size is about 182 inches long, 69 inches wide and 47.9 inches tall. With these dimensions, this car only weighs about 3260 pounds. The lightweight also affects the fuel consumption used. Because the fuel spent is very economical.


Speed generated by this classic sports car cannot be underestimated. With a slim body and also the use of lightweight base material, this car can go with a maximum speed of 196 km/hour. And using RWD (rear wheel drive), manual gearbox 3 acceleration. No wonder if this car became the target of the riders who like to feel driving with high speed.

for the layman, the price offered may be very expensive. however, for sports car lovers and billionaires, owning this car is one of the great things. because the price offered is comparable to the features and sophistication of this sports car.

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